Book Overview

No one knows where from and what purpose one has taken the present avatar. Also no one knows where one goes after death. What will happen next moment is not known. Why past has happened as the way it has happened is not known. Why the present is happening as it is happening is not known. For some, the life is mystical. For many who face problems, the life is real and painful. For the rest who makes the life a happy existence, the life is magical. Whether the life is mystical or real and painful or magical, the fact remains that it is shrouded in mystery. But why should one worry about mystery? Mystery by itself is beautiful. The life is also as beautiful as mystery. The life is the greatest gift in the world. One, by living the life, will have to find answers to these questions. Mystery will unfold itself in the course of one’s life provided one takes the magical pathways and proceed to lead a purposeful life with meaning.